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Paris Mosaic Addresses
Largest list of Paris's mosaics in English in the World!!!

Mazzioli Studio founded by Giacomo Mazzioli, and taken over by his son Philippe and nephew GerorgesThe following PDF contains a complete guide to most publicly accessible mosaics within Paris's 20 arrondissements. It gives you 250 addresses, plus the date and fabricator of the mosaic if it is known.

It says if it is free or whether you have to pay a fee to see it. It tells you how far you have to walk from the nearest Metro Station.

It tells you approximately how big the mosaic is and whether it is on the exterior or the interior of the building. 

Paris Mosaic Tour

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This pdf represents many hours of online research on my part. I have not seen most of these mosaics in person, but I have confirmed their existence and location by using google street view when I was uncertain. I firmly believe this is the largest list of Paris's mosaics addresses ever published in English. It represents my Valentine gift to mosaic artists all over the world. I apologize for editing errors, and any misinformation in this list.  14 February, 2019. Richard

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