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I offer first rate customized designs and expert installations, I operate in a highly professional and honest manner. Please call Richard at 360-579-1080

This Oriental carpet was commissioned by the owners of Rugs & Art, in Langley on Whidbey Island, WA. for the entry way of their home. I was given some photos of some of their favorite carpets and told that I could combine and change the designs in any manner to fit the demands of a mosaic. Since the color red is often seen in Oriental carpets, they wished it to be one of the dominate colors. I made the mosaic in my studio, gluing it to a mesh backing for easy tranfer to the installation site. I laid the surrounding terracotta colored floor tiles, before installing the mosaic. The mosaic is 3 feet by 5 feet. It is made with ceramic tile.

Overview of fire pit, private residence. Client desired a 7ft in diameter pebble mosaic with water creature motif surround for an existing fire pit, along with native shore bird motif in pastel hues, and a table to rest food items for cooking. They preferred art with realistic images, at least as could be expressed in pebbles.

Pebbles were locally collected with some help from client. Table is made from 3 pieces of styrofoam collected on a local beach. Existing cement benches were provided by client for covering in mosaic

Detail of one of two cement benches covered with vitreous glass tiles for the pebble mosaic fire pit commission

This kitchen back splash was commissioned by a couple who wished to have a mosaic that would go well with the rest of the colors used in decorating their home. it is the first art piece they have ever commissioned. They wished to have an impressionistic modernist view of water,mountains, and sky-similar to the view from their home in Seattle, WA. Since they planned to sell their home soon and move to another city, I suggested making the mosaic portable. They were delighted. This photo shows the mosaic before mounting in the kitchen. It is made from marble and granite and is about 21ins high and 48ins long.

How does a commissioned mosaic progess? First, I have a discussion with client about desired subject matter, color, materials, size, location, and approximate cost. Second, the design is presented for comment along with choices of actual colors and materials. Third, a down payment is received upon approval of the design and materials at the agreed price. Fourth, the final design is presented and a small grouted mosaic section of the approved design is offered for review. Once the design is approved a further down payment is made. Fifth, the mosaic is made in my studio on suitable backing material for that particular location. Sometimes a part of the finished mosaic is shown to the client to allow for minor corrections. Seventh, the mosaic is installed in the client's space and final payment made.

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