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Hello! Welcome to my home page. My studio serves clients in the Western Washington area , especially Whidbey Island and the Puget Sound Region. Please contact me if you have a project you would like to discuss. My phone number is 360-579-1080.

Richard was the co-chair of the Society of American Mosaic Artists 2013 national annual conference in Tacoma WA. He was also co-curator of the 2013 Handforth Gallery in Tacoma, WA show called "Northwest Mosaic Today."  He has participated in at least 7 mosaic shows in WA & OR over the past 15 years.

Two of Richard's architectural mosaic installations are featured on a 6 page spread in the book "Mosaic Art Today" edited by Jeffrey B. Snyder and published by Schiffer LTD in 2012. There 50 mosaic national & international artists featured in this book.

My mosaics have been accepted in at least 6 juried shows both in the USA and in France since 2017.

I have created a guide to public mosaics to be found in Paris, France. This is the largest English guide available in the world to mosaics in Paris!

I tend to make mostly small wall hanging mosaics or free standing sculptures. The materials I use are often recycled, especially the unglazed porcelain tiles, which are my current favorite material. To the right is a piece titled " Pablo takes a selfie with Margo" made with recycled porcelain tile.

pablo takes a selfie with Margo
The Wave

"The Wave" (to your left).  This mosaic reflects my interest in letting light penetrate a mosaic by using Dalle De Verre and other  glass materials. Dalle de Verre is an inch thick glass often used in making mosaic like church windows which combine Dalle de Verre and concrete to form a church window, rather than stained glass. The mosaic is made with a large variety of glass materials, much of it recycled.

Richard Davis designs and makes mosaics to satisfy a client's desires and expectations. Images copyright 1999-2020